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Kāpa 2018 start list is published:


Booklet with detailed information published - this includes course parameters, schemes of day centres and and other information. Click here or here 12MB


Competition places for Orienteering and Trail Orienteering. For vacancies please contact -


Tu vai Tavs draugs vēlas sākt orientēties, bet nezina kā?
KĀPA sadarbībā ar POLAR un šogad piedāvā īpašu iespēju tiem, kas vēlas sākt orientēties!
Piesakies KĀPAI iesācēju grupā M (vīriešu) vai W (sieviešu) 210**, pieteikuma ailē "Klubs" norādi "POLAR skola". Tu saņemsi profesionāļu instruktāžu 29.jūnijā 13:00 pirms starta 1.dienas sacensību centrā. Neatteiksim padomu arī pēc starta. Pirmie 10, kas pieteiksies, saņems POLAR GPS pulksteni no lietošanā uz sacensību laiku ar iespēju redzēt un analizēt savu sniegumu kartē.
Arī piesakoties uz vietas Kāpā uz atvērto grupu (DIR 1, 2 vai 3) vari nākt un noklausīties POLAR skolas apmācību 29.jūnijā 13:00 pirmās dienas sacensību centrā!


Lower entry fee until midnight of 12th June only! Almost 1800 participants from 17 countries have already applied.


Šogad KĀPAS 3-dienas atbalsta žurnāls EJ! Iespējams tieši tu varēsi uzzināt daudz jauna par sportu un iedvesmoties jauniem piedzīvojumiem!


We have a long lasting tradition - number lottery, and every KAPA 3-day participant takes part!
This year we have a special big prize provided by Husqvarna Latvia - one of their best pressure washers and a number of other prizes!
Lottery will take place at the end of final award ceremony. All participants present in person with their KAPA 3-day participant numbers will be eligible to participate!


KAPA day 1 is SILVA World Ranking Event, Latvia in cooperation with SILVA Global.
The winners of men and women elite groups day 1 will be awarded the best SILVA Global headlamp available. SILVA Exceed 2X, probably one of the best activity headlamps in the world!


SILVA Global will give their best compasses to KĀPA 2018 winners!
When your pulse hits the roof and keenness to win blurs the mind – your most reliable partner is your compass!


Šogad KĀPA 2018 atbalstītājiem pievienojas POLAR sadarbībā ar . Varbūt tieši Tu balvā iegūsi kādu no POLAR GPS pulsometriem ar optisko pulsa mērītāju!


Atpūta pludmalē, zaļumballe un zelta saulrieti - tas viss KĀPA 2018 sacensību centra piedāvājumā!
Šogad sacensību centrs atradīsies kempingā "Hortus", Sakas pagastā, Pāvilostas novadā. Pirmās dienas starta vieta būs 47 km brauciena attālumā Ventspils virzienā. Savukārt otrās un trešās dienas starta vieta atradīsies Pāvilostā. Attālums no sacensību centra ap 20 km.


Kāpas daudzdienas šogad atbalsta Aerodium Sigulda! Varbūt tieši Tu varēsi lidot vienīgajā vēja tunelī Latvijā!


Kapa 2018 Three-Day Orienteering Event web page is open. We accept entries for the most favorable fee.



15 May - application for the most favorable fee expires

12 June - application fee increases

18 June - registration is closing

27 June - start list is published

28 June

from 16.00 competition centre camping "Hortus" is open

16.00 - 22.00 Registration at the competition centre, camping "Hortus"

29 June

from 10.00 Registration at the event centre of Day 1 in the vicinity of Cirpstene

14.00 Start of the long distance race (WRE middle distance race for W21E and M21E) in the vicinity of Cirpstene

14.30 - 19.00 Trail-O ( Registration at the start place, Pāvilosta, intersection of Sēņu and Bērzu streets )

16.00 - 19.00 Trail-O ( 1st PreO start (not an European Cup competition) )

21.00 Opening ceremony, prize giving, camping "Hortus"

30 June

11.00 Start of the middle distance race in the vicinity of Pāvilosta

15.00 - 18.00 Trail-O ( 2nd PreO start (1st ETOC start) Pāvilosta, intersection of Sēņu and Bērzu streets)

18.30 Kāpa 2017 mixed forest sprint relay start - at competition centre.

21.00 Concert, prize giving, open-air party, camping "Hortus"

01 July

9.30 Start of the long distance in the vicinity of Pāvilosta

9.00 - 12.00 Trail-O ( Temp-O start (2nd ETOC start) Pāvilosta, Jūras street )

15.00 Closing ceremony, prize giving, camping "Hortus"


Kapa 2018 - XXXII Three-Day Orienteering Event

29.06 -01.07.2018 Pāvilosta
29.06. - IOF elite ranking event in middle distance (WRE)
Organised by orienteering club Kāpa in collaboration with LOF, Pāvilosta municipal council and Ventspils City Council


Mostly coniferous forest, relief - dune forms. Maximal height difference is 30 metres. Runnability is good and medium. Very few clearings.
Map scale 1:10000 (1:7500 for age groups MW65 and older), Trail-O 1:5000
Contour interval 2,5m.


SportIdent. Rent is 5 EUR for three days, or 2 EUR per day. DIR groups 2 EUR per day. In case a SI card is lost or damaged, the competitors are obliged to cover the expenses.

It will be possible to try out electronic punching at the finish area.

Competitors must use the exact SI card that is given in the start protocol, otherwise you can get disqualified. In case there are some problems with SI cards, please do not hesitate to seek assistance at the sekretariat.


Men km Women km Y.o.b.
M21E6,0 - 13,0 W21E5,0 - 8,5 - 1997
M8*1,5 - 2,5 W8*1,5 - 2,5 2010 -
M10*1,5 - 2,5 W10*1,5 - 2,5 2008 -
M12*2,0 - 2,8 W12*2,0 - 2,8 2006 -
M122,5 - 2,8 W122,0 - 2,5 2006 -
M14L4,0 - 5,0 W14L3,0 - 4,0 2004 -
M14**3,0 W14**2,0 - 2,5 2004 -
M16L5,0 - 6,0 W16L3,5 - 4,5 2002 -
M16**4,5 - 5,0 W16**3,0 - 4,0 2002 -
M186,5 - 7,5 W184,5 - 5,0 2000 -
M207,5 - 9,0 W205,0 - 5,5 1998 -
M21L7,5 - 9,0 W21L5,0 - 6,0 - 1997
M21S5,5 - 6,5 W21S3,5 - 4,5 - 1997
M210**4,0 - 5,0 W210**3,5 - 1997
M35L7,5 - 9,0 W35L5,0 - 1983
M35S5,0 - 6,0 W35S4,0 - 1983
M40L6,5 - 8,0 W40L4,5 - 5,0 - 1978
M40S5,0 - 6,0 W40S3,5 - 4,0 - 1978
M45L5,5 - 6,5 W45L4,5 - 5,0 - 1973
M45S4,5 - 5,5 W45S3,5 - 4,0 - 1973
M50L6,0 - 7,0 W50L4,5 - 5,0 - 1968
M50S4,5 - 5,5 W50S3,5 - 4,0 - 1968
M555,0 W554,5 - 1963
M604,5 W604,0 - 1958
M654,5 W653,5 - 1953
M704,5 W703,5 - 1948
M753,5 W753,0 - 1943

Open course DIR 1** 2,0 - 2,5 km
DIR 2 4,0 - 4,5 km
DIR 3** 5,5 - 6,0 km
DIR 4 7,0 - 7,5 km
OPEN-100 Weight 100 kg and over 4,5 km

In case of necessity, also age groups M80, W80, M85, W85 can be introduced (provided that at least 3 competitors of the respective age group have entered).

Groups M 210**, W 210** are for all the adult beginners.

In the open groups DIR 1 – DIR 4 (direct entering) the runner may choose the preferred course length irrespective of the age.

The proposed course lengths are approximate, and the exact parameters will be specified in the competition programme.

W8*, M8*, W10*, M10*, W12*, M12* – marked courses supported by tapes on the terrain. Punching is with SportIdent following the order shown on the map. Both the route marked on the terrain and the controls on the map are in the sequential order to be followed. Runners may prefer either to follow the route marked with the tapes or to take their own route between the controls. In groups W8* and M8* the main prize will be awarded to the competitors who have completed their course without the assistance of an adult. For groups W8*,M8*, W10*, M 10* controls are placed directly on the tape-marked way, while for groups W12* and M12* controls can be placed up to 150 metres away from the tape.

  • * - marked course
  • ** - technically easy courses
  • S - short course
  • L - long course
  • 0 - beginners’ course


The winners of each day will be awarded with prizes. In the groups of M21E and W21E, regarding the final results of the three days, the first six places will be awarded. For other groups the number of places awarded will be published on June 30 in the competition centre.

There will be a lottery of competitor’s number bibs during the closing ceremony.


There are 3 deadlines for the entries (Cena par visām trīs dienām / Cena par dienu):

  before 15 May from 16 May to 12 June from 13 June to 18 June
MW 8-10 6 EUR / 2 EUR 10 EUR / 4 EUR 13 EUR / 5 EUR
MW12-14 10 EUR / 4 EUR 13 EUR / 5 EUR 16 EUR / 6 EUR
MW16-20 15 EUR / 6 EUR 19 EUR / 8 EUR 25 EUR / 10 EUR
MW60 and older 20 EUR / 8 EUR 25 EUR / 10 EUR 30 EUR / 12 EUR
Others 33 EUR / 13 EUR 43 EUR / 17 EUR 53 EUR / 21 EUR
OPEN 100 according to the age group

Entry fees must be paid by the entry deadline. An entry is considered as a warranty to pay the fee.
Entries after 20 June involve a + 50% surcharge on the entry fee. Course change is possible only up to 24.06.2017 provided there are vacancies, + 7 EUR. Only those participants who have registered by 12 June can request a refund of participation fee in case of canceling their participation. Those who register after 12 June will not be refunded in case of canceling their participation.

  • Online entries can be made here (available starting from 1 December 2017; the entry becomes valid following the settlement of the entry fee).
  • Families of at least 3 people, where at least 2 of the family members are young people (starting in classes MW8 to MW18), are eligible to a 20% discount of the original fee for the respective entry deadline. (Discount applies for children <=18 and their parents)
  • For DIR1-DIR4 courses, the entry and payment has to be made at the respective event centre of the competition day. The fee is 5 EUR per day for competitors in the age groups MW18 and younger, and 7 EUR per day for competitors in the age groups MW20, MW60 and older, and 13 EUR per day for all other competitors.
  • Car pass – 3 EUR (allows to enter the competition centre and each day’s event centres)
  • Bus pass – 7 EUR. Minivan (up to 10 passengers) – 4 EUR

Bank account:
Association Orientēšanās klubs "KĀPA"
Reģ. Nr 40008021994
O.Vācieša ielā 24-7, Carnikava, LV–2163



Trail-O championship of Latvia
29.-30.June,1st July, Pāvilosta

European Cup in TrailO 2018
Trail-O bulletin

Event information

The TrailO competition center is at Meža street 7, Pāvilosta. There is an accessible toilet in the TrailO event center.
There is not any café in the event center.
(This is preliminary event information, final version can be seen at the event center)

Time and place

The competition is held in 29th– 30th of June and 1-st July at the Pāvilosta X:328451; Y:630841; Lat:56.8876424, Lon: 21.1840795; Competition centre at camping "Hortus" Saka parish, Pavilosta county


Competition is organized by OK Kāpa and society TACIŅA.Event Director - Zita Rukšāne, mapper and course planner – Atis Rukšāns, controller Jānis Rukšāns.

Participants and distances

Competition is open. Anyone who wants can take part in Elite and beginners groups.

E – elite group,

B – beginner’s group.

Punching with SPORTident


29.06.2018.PreO course is 2,15 km, it contains of 2 parts: 1,26 km with 15 controls,0,39 km marked intersection without time control (not included in total distance time) and then 0,5 km , 10 controls. Max time 138 min (155 min for those having official IOF Paralympic status). One time control station at the end of course with 6 flags and 3 tasks.
30.06.2018. PreO course is 2,37 km, it contains 2 parts: 0,43 km, 9 controls,0,51 km marked intersection without time control (not included in total distance time) and then 1,33 km , 16 controls. Max time 138 min (155 min for those having official IOF Paralympic status). One time control station at the end of course with 6 flags and 3 tasks.
During the competition it is allowed to use only roads, paths and other areas marked on the map with brown color. Some of these routes and areas are also prohibited and marked with a purple line on the map. Prohibited areas are not marked on the terrain, only on the map. There are control numbers marked on the decision poles. Controls must be punched in the numerical order. Total time of PreO and answers is measured by SI card, control card is only for error checking.

Organizers will provide assistants in the most sandy places.


Course 0,6 km; 6 stations with six flags and five tasks.

Zero tolerance

In both PreO and TempO parts the following zero tolerance is applied: In Z controls distance to the nearest flag is at least 5 meters in the area objects. For point objects, the flag is at least more than 90 degrees apart from the side shown in the control descriptions, or to another object so that the answer is zero (Z).


Mostly coniferous forest, relief - dune forms and man made forms. Map scale 1:5000 Contour interval 2 m. Use of a personal assistant is allowed. There are some sandy road sections.
Competition map is a laser printe map (ISSOM) that is mapped for trailo in 5/2018 by Atis Rukšāns. Scale 1:5000, contours 2 m.

Competition rules

The Competition Rules for IOF Trail Orienteering Events 2018.

The time limit for complaints is 15 minutes after the final results have been published at the competition centre. Any protest shall be made in writing to a member of the jury no later than 15 minutes after the organiser has informed the complainant of the decision about the complaint. A protest fee of 50 EUR shall be paid to the Event Controller in cash when making a protest. The fee will be returned if the protest is accepted by the jury. If the protest is signed by several competitors, each of them shall pay the protest fee.
Jury will be nominated before start in the 1st day of competition, and are not to be changed during competition.

Applications and participation fee

Preliminary entries must be sent until 26th of June to e-mail Online entry

All competitors must pay start fee of 40 Euro, one course start fee – 15 Euro. Start fee is paid on the day of competition in registration office or by transfer to account of society TACIŅA

Biedrība “TACIŅA”
ID.Nr. 40008177838
Address „Birzes”-3, Sējas novads, LV-2142
Bank SEB banka
Account LV46UNLA0050017071829


Kāpa 2017 mixed forest sprint relay



Relay is organized by OK Kāpa.
Contacts – ; +371 28923343


Relay will be held at competition centre of Kapa 3 days. Terrain – open and semi open areas, forest with good and bad runabillity. Mostly flat terrain, except near the coastline of Rīva river. Map scale – 1:5000

Participants and groups

MIX 12, MIX 14, MIX 16, MIX 21, MIX 130, MIX 160, MIX 190
Mixed teams with 3 participants. There must be at least 1 woman in team.


SPORTident will be used for punching. The same SPORTident cards can be used as in 3 days competition. Additional rental of SPORTident card only for relay – 1 EUR.

Aptuveni distanču garumi (tiks precizēts)

  • MIX12 – 1,3 (1,3*) km
  • MIX14 – 1,6 (1,4) km
  • MIX16 – 1,8 (1,6*) km
  • MIX21 – 2,6 (2,0*) km
  • MIX130 – 2,0 (1,7*) km
  • MIX160 – 1,7 (1,5*) km
  • MIX190 – 1,5 (1,4*) km

*Length of third leg


Deadline for the entries is 26th June 24:00.
Order and name of the runners must be registered until 28th June 24:00.
It is possible to register for vacant places after the deadline with additional cost of participation, MIX 12, 14, 16 – 12 EUR. MIX 21, 130, 160, 190 – 18 EUR.
It is possible to register for vacant places after the deadline with additional cost of participation, MIX 12, 14, 16 – 12 EUR. MIX 21, 130, 160, 190 – 18 EUR.

Participation fee

  • MIX 12, 14, 16 – 9 EUR
  • MIX 21, 130, 160, 190 – 15 EUR
It is possible to pay before and during registration in the competition centre.

Bank account:
Association Orientēšanās klubs "KĀPA"
Reģ. Nr 40008021994
O.Vācieša ielā 24-7, Carnikava, LV–2163


Prize giving

If there are 4 or more teams in class, first three teams will be awarded. If there are less than 4 teams in class, only the first team is awarded.


15 May - application by the most favorable fee expires

Trail-O entries must be sent until 26th of June

Kāpa 2017 mixed forest sprint relay



During the competition, we will provide


Katras dienas sacensību rezultātu tiešraide


This year KAPA in co-operation with POLAR has a special offer for beginners!


Participants’ campsite at camping "Hortus"


Care of the participants’ children – kindergarten at each day’s event centres (from 2 years and older)

Warm showers

Warm showers at the event centres


Catering services at the competition centre



Competition centre and participants’ campsite at camping "Hortus".

Competition centre at camping "Hortus"
Saka parish
Pavilosta county

+371 29494087

  • Price of a tent place: 3,50 EUR per night
  • Place for trailer with power supply - 8,00 EUR per night
  • Place for trailer without power supply - 5,00 EUR per night

Other accommodation options can be found on